Breathe Easy: Tackling Upper Respiratory Infections with Atlanta Plus Urgent Care

Sniffling, sneezing, coughing – if you’ve ever had an upper respiratory infection (URI), you know how uncomfortable and frustrating they can be. URIs are common, particularly in metro Atlanta’s dynamic environment, where seasonal changes and daily activities can expose us to various respiratory irritants. Atlanta Plus Urgent Care is here to help you breathe easy and recover swiftly when these infections strike. In this blog post, we’ll explore what URIs are, their common symptoms, and how Atlanta Plus Urgent Care can provide the relief you need.

Understanding Upper Respiratory Infections

Upper respiratory infections, often referred to as the common cold, are a group of viral infections that primarily affect the nose, throat, and sinuses. These infections are incredibly prevalent and can be caused by various viruses, including rhinoviruses and coronaviruses (yes, that includes the common cold and some strains of COVID-19).

Common Symptoms of URIs

  1. Runny or Stuffy Nose: One of the hallmark symptoms of a URI is a congested or runny nose. This can lead to discomfort, difficulty breathing, and loss of smell.

  2. Sore Throat: A sore, scratchy throat is another common symptom. It can make swallowing painful and uncomfortable.

  3. Coughing: URIs often come with a persistent cough, which can be dry or produce mucus. This cough can linger even after other symptoms have improved.

  4. Sneezing and Watery Eyes: Frequent sneezing and watery, itchy eyes are typical, particularly if allergies trigger the infection.

  5. Fatigue: Fighting off an infection can leave you feeling tired and low on energy.

How Atlanta Plus Urgent Care Can Help

Atlanta Plus Urgent Care specializes in providing rapid and convenient care for URIs and related respiratory conditions. Here’s how they can help you on your road to recovery:

1. Prompt Evaluation: When you’re not feeling well, timely evaluation is crucial. Atlanta Plus Urgent Care offers extended hours and walk-in appointments, ensuring you can see a healthcare professional without delay.

2. Accurate Diagnosis: URIs can sometimes be mistaken for other conditions, like allergies or sinusitis. The experienced staff at Atlanta Plus Urgent Care can accurately diagnose your condition, ensuring you receive the right treatment.

3. Symptom Relief: They can provide medications and advice to alleviate your symptoms, making you more comfortable during the healing process.

4. Preventing Complications: While URIs are typically mild, they can sometimes lead to complications, such as ear infections or bronchitis. Early diagnosis and treatment at Atlanta Plus Urgent Care can help prevent these issues.

5. Expert Advice: Their healthcare professionals can offer guidance on managing your illness, such as rest, hydration, and when it’s appropriate to return to your regular activities.

6. COVID-19 Testing and Guidance: In the era of COVID-19, it’s essential to rule out the possibility of a coronavirus infection. Atlanta Plus Urgent Care offers COVID-19 testing and can provide guidance on isolation and further care if necessary.


Upper respiratory infections are a common annoyance, but with the right care, you can recover quickly and comfortably. Atlanta Plus Urgent Care is your partner in health, offering expert evaluation, accurate diagnosis, symptom relief, and peace of mind. When a URI threatens to cramp your style, remember that Atlanta Plus Urgent Care is here to help you breathe easy and get back to enjoying all that metro Atlanta has to offer. Don’t let a pesky cold slow you down – seek care at Atlanta Plus Urgent Care, and get back to feeling your best. Call us on 833-256-7311 or click here to know more

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