FAQ List

What types of COVID testing are available at Atlanta Plus Urgent Care?

  • PCR test: Nasal swab. Results typically come back within 2 to 5 days as we send the samples to LabCorp for testing.
  • RAPID test: Nasal swab. Results typically come back within 10 – 15 min.
  • IN HOUSE PCR: Nasal Swab, typically results in an hour, self-pay only $190

Is there a charge for COVID testing?

Currently, the public health emergency is covering COVID tests but there are differing guidelines on patient responsibility. For this reason, we do not charge patients with active insurance coverage up front for COVID tests but we do have a policy to collect credit card on file in case the insurance company applies a coinsurance, copay or deductible

If a patient does not have insurance, the cost for PCR test is $190 and the cost for RAPID Antigen test is $169

Is Atlanta Plus Urgent Care a COVID testing only facility?

Atlanta Plus Urgent Care is proud to offer COVID testing, however, we do offer a lot of healthcare services. Please click here to see a full list of services that we offer.

How long does it take for the itemized bill to be generated?

The itemized bills are generated from the central billing office and the process takes about 3 business days. Occasionally for some patients, it may take longer than that as we must wait for approval from the insurance companies before we can generate the itemized bills.

How can I get my itemized bill?

The itemized bill can either be collected in person or we can have it mailed to the mailing address that you put on file at the time of your visit. We cannot email or fax the bill without explicit permission from you in writing as this is protected by  HIPAA laws.

How long are the wait times?

For walk-in patients, the wait times vary depending on the number of people signed in ahead of them. For patients with appointment, there might be an occasional delay as we have a limited capacity for the number of people who can be in our waiting room to ensure social distancing. We always ensure that patients with appointments are given a priority over the walk-in patients.

How can I book an appointment to get tested?

Please click here to go to the appointments page

How do I get in touch with the billing department?

Please click here to go to the billing page

Is it mandatory to leave a credit card on file?

For all insured patients, we save credit card on file as we only know the exact patient responsibility after the claims have gone through your insurance company which would sometimes take weeks. Having a credit card on file enables us to issue any refunds or collect any patient balances without inconveniencing the patients to physically come to the clinic to collect a refund or pay a bill. We will notify you by email before running a card saved on file or after issuing a refund.

For all self-pay patients, all patients are responsible for payment at the point of service.

How do I obtain my medical records?

Please click here to go to the medical records page